Search all search engines with ease.

Search all search engines with ease.

When you're working on numerous projects, you need a quick way to acquire results and answers. As a result, we have a Google Chrome extension that accomplishes exactly that.

How does it work?

When you install it, you will see an unclickable icon.

You can access the Options menu by right-clicking and selecting Options. You may see a list of all the search engines recognized by this extension.

You can add a custom search engine below, but make sure to include the %s in the address. Drag the search engine on the right up and down to sort it.

When you search in any of the search engines specified in the options, the icon will light up and become active.

Click the symbol above, and you'll be able to go straight to the search results for that particular search engine.

We hope you enjoy the Google Chrome extension and find it useful in being more productive.

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Download it

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