DoorKnockerPal 3.0

Apr 11, 2019 - #DoorKnockerPal #Releases

When I set out to build DoorKnockerPal I wanted to build something that my mom could use to record the doors she goes to. She went out door knocking one day & started writing down each door on a piece of paper. I was like this is a complete waste of time & not to mention isn't searchable. So I set out to build DoorKnockerPal 1.0 it was a great little side project & it didn't work too bad. I always strive to make my products better with more & more features. So DoorKnockerPal 2.0 came around & my mom was using it for quite a while now & I get the idea that maybe other people might like it. So DoorKnockerPal 2.0 but was really 1.0 on the app store. It goes through a lot of versions before released to the app store.

DoorKnockerPal 3.0 is here

Now DoorKnockerPal 3.0 brings a lot of features front & center. We reworked the UI from the ground up & started from scratch. It was months in the making & a lot of design concepts. But my goal on all my projects is to make it as easy & fast to use. So we came up with actions then predefined filters on the bottom. So if you're wanting to create something or edit you can always look into the actions box to find what you want to do.

So we thought that this is a really simple design & easy to use because everything's in its place. You don't have to look in the toolbar or down below it's just a actions box & then filter boxes down below. Want to see more? Expand the filter just click the "View More" button below. You can also scroll through them without clicking "View More" but it will only show 15.

The search has been reworked & it is really easy to use with just one search box then you will see everything the pertains to the search.

It will search everything in your team from doors to visits ETC... It will also respect the View Data where you pick which team members data you want to see if the team admin gives you permission.

Now on the home page we went back to the drawing board & wanted everything to be self-explanatory for the end user. Which I think we hit it on the nail with easiness. When you land on the home page, you're not stuck in not knowing what you're clicking on or pressing.

There are descriptions for each module & what it does.

Web, iOS & Android same UI

With DoorKnockerPal 3.0 my goal was to make the end user's experience the same on all platforms. So with the new UI no matter where you go it's always the same. We're actually making all our current & future products the same, so if you know how to use DoorKnockerPal you know how to use all our products no matter which platform you choose.

Now with bringing DoorKnockerPal 3.0 the pricing & where you pay for the subscriptions have changed. We looked at In App Purchases & giving Apple/Google 30% of the profit on each transaction was too much. So we went back to using the website only on for subscriptions. With this new change the people who got the old subscriptions on the Web, iOS & Android get grandfathered so all our customers who have the $10 a month plan get to keep it. If you unsubscribe you can never get your old plan back though.

We hope you like the new version & we looked forward to bringing you 4.0 in the future!

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