How to Begin Inventorying in Boxinvy

How to Begin Inventorying in Boxinvy
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You can inventory your home, RV, business, or anything else with boxinvy. It's designed for insurance purposes, with capabilities like content and structural cost tracking. When you put a cost to a box or item, it will itemize everything and tell you how much the location, box, or item is worth based on structural and content costs.


Locations are the top-level entity that contains all of your boxes and things. Locations should be utilized for your home, business, or car, and everything in them should be boxes.


Boxes are just under locations; this is where you would put a room or anything else inside locations. You have an unlimited number of box levels. Each box can hold as many items as it wants.


An item is something that is a single entity. It should not contain anything. If there is anything inside the item, we recommend that you make a box and then place the item within it.

Moving boxes and items

When you have this much organization inside an inventory app and you move allot of things inside a box you need to be able to move very easily. You can move a single box or item by going to the actions list and clicking move.

Single Move

When you click this, you will be given the choice to move manually or scan a QR code.

Multi Select

When you click "Select Item", a topbar should appear.

With the multi select, you can move and clone entities.

Holding space for items

When we were making Boxinvy, it was sometimes difficult to tell where an item was headed. That is why we have designed a holding area that is only temporary till you have a place for the item.

How do you move an item from the holding area?

You can either go to the item in the holding area and select move item from the actions list, or you can go to the box you want to add it to and click it.

Simply click the item to move it out of the holding area and under the box.

QR Codes

QR codes are a big deal in Boxinvy. You don't have to use them, but they make inventorying a lot faster, and being able to scan a QR Code to move or clone saves time.

You can add many QR Codes to locations, boxes or items.

Mixing up QR Codes and tracking them down.

So what if you have a box and a QR Code is on the lid and on the bottom of the box? Now if you move the lid off and have multiple lids in a pile how will you know which lid goes to which box? Boxinvy has a utility built in to compare QR Codes with other QR Codes and see if they match.

You would scan the QR Code at the bottom of the box and use that as your primary to compare several secondary QR Codes to.

Continue scanning the QR Codes on the lids until the secondary QR Code matches the primary. Because Boxinvy permits numerous QR Codes being linked to boxes, it is a simple utility that will save you time.

Boxinvy is designed to make inventorying simple and efficient; you can try it out for free on the web, iOS, or Android.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact BigBearSupport in the bottom right of the screen!